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Whether a patient comes to our office for routine care, or complex dental issues, Dana Keith DDS & Candace Kwakye DDS ensure they leave feeling comfortable and informed. Our compassionate approach to dentistry helps each patient, regardless of age, feel satisfied that the care they receive is personalized to their specific needs. 

From oral cancer screenings, to myofunctional orthodontics, sleep apnea treatment, and anything in between, we will work with you to help improve you smile and overall quality of life. 

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our patients in and around Silver Spring and Cloverly, MD have to say about the care they received at Dana Keith DDS & Candace Kwakye DDS!


“For years, I smiled with my mouth closed, thinking I’d never be confident flashing my pearly whites again. I had a bridge since I was 14 and by 37, I needed a replacement. Dr. Keith was extremely professional with a gentle chair-side manner when I met with him to discuss options. He was quick to provide a referral and get me in to see additional specialists. The overall process, which included out-patient surgery to improve a receded gum line and teeth whitening, took a minimal amount of time. I would highly recommend Dr. Keith for all your cosmetic dental needs. He also has great staff that are family friendly and great with little ones. Thanks, Dr. Keith and team! I’m no longer afraid to smile with confidence.” – Ali J.

At my follow-up visit Dr. Keith and I discussed a treatment plan, since July he has replaced all of my old silver fillings, which were about 43 years old and some other “dental work” that a really bad dentist had done in the past, and had subsequently been causing other ailments.

“I started going to Dana Keith over 15 years ago. At the time I was in crisis with TMJ. He has continued to learn not only more precision about TMJ but continued to study all aspects of dentistry. He is sensitive to both physical and emotional needs and is capable in a broad practice to ensure good dental health. He’s really great. I recommend him wholeheartedly.” – Bob V.

“Dr. Keith was very honest. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything like my past dentist. The office was very clean and well-decorated. Everyone in the office is very professional, nice, and knowledgeable. They didn’t make me wait at all. I was seen almost immediately. In general, I had a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Dr. Keith.” – Ana C.

“We trust no other dentist! Dr. Keith provides expert care and has an advanced practice. He has worked miracles for my husband and I. I am no longer fearful at the dentist. Great care, friendly staff, efficient billing. Awesome practice!” – Nicky C. 

“Top notch DDS and a great team. My former DDS retired and I’m in the process of being in braces and needed some serious restoration that meant crowns. Dr. Keith and his office had great reviews and had worked with my Orthodontist. My case is far from being easy and I’m appreciative of the time and effort put in by Dr Keith. He was thoughtful in developing a plan, communicated with me over the phone and in person, while working with other providers to get me where I currently am. The provisionals he made for my bottom teeth are well done and I’m completely satisfied. I highly recommend this practice. All of his team are knowledgeable, helpful, and very kind.” – Michael D.
“Dr Keith is always friendly, trusted and professional. A trip to this office is always a great experience.” – Matt S.

The difference in my overall health since Dr. Keith has completed the treatment of my dental work has been incredible! I have a mouth guard now to keep me from grinding; the sinus, breathing, snoring problems are gone – it’s amazing! I LOVE my smile, Dr. Keith 🙂 Thank you!: – Barbie B.

“I had a very great experience with Dr. Keith. I went to him with a tooth emergency and he made time for me that day. The staff is exceptional. The office is clean, bright, and soothing. I highly recommend.” – Lisa L.

“Very friendly and skilled Dr. and staff. They always make sure that you are comfortable and educated about what is going on.” Michael M.

“Excellent experience in all ways. Very attentive to patient’s concerns and questions.” – Carol G.

“Love Dr. Keith and this practice. My kids, my husband, and I all have gotten excellent care and are very happy with the practice. The office staff is very helpful and friendly. There is never a wait time.” – Priti K.

“Dr. Keith is truly a top-notch dentist!
I was in desperate need of repair when I went to see him this past July, after having gone to my regular dentist in June for my check-up; I was told my teeth were in “phenomenal shape”, not long after that visit I suffered a very painful toothache; my regular dentist couldn’t fit me in for 2-3 weeks!!! Dr. Keith got me in right away and made sure I received the proper care I needed. I trusted him from that point on. His staff is really friendly and so helpful. I recommend Dr. Keith to ANYONE looking for an excellent dentist, he’s about making sure your mouth is healthy, because it really does effect your physical health!

“Dr. Keith took me without an advance appointment on a Monday, having been in pain all weekend. He expertly extracted my tooth with the best technique I’ve ever experienced in a dentist. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone.” – Lisa K.

“I love Dr. Keith and his staff. I know when I am being treated there that he has my best interest at heart. It is a great mix of professionalism as well as a family feel.” – Mecasha G. 

“My family and I have been satisfied patients of Dr. Dana Keith for many years. He and his team are extremely professional and friendly.” – Darlene S.

“Dr. Dana was very thorough. He has exceptional communication. His staff was also professional. They have a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I highly recommend.” – Mi S.


“Dr. Keith and his team continue to be wonderful. He provides excellent dentistry and his team provide great care and support. I can’t recommend them enough for anyone in search of quality dental care.” – Kevin C.

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