4 Stages of Gum Disease You Should Be Aware Of

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Nearly 50% of all US adults suffer from gum disease according to the American Academy of Periodontology. It is a horrifying fact and truth – making gum disease more common than even heart disease or diabetes.

In addition… gum disease is pretty serious yet not many people realize that it is a root cause of heart attacks and strokes. Some people might not even know they have gum disease until it’s too late and their teeth cannot be salvaged or saved!

Do you want to know about stages of gum disease so that you are ready to deal properly if this disease knocks at your door?

Stage #1: Gingivitis

This is the first stage of gum disease and the easiest to overlook. This makes the sign all the more dangerous!

What are the conditions associated with gingivitis? Common symptoms are: bad breath and bleeding gums (when flossed).

Stage #2: Early Periodontitis

As explained by Dr. Dana D. Keith, main dental practitioner at ICC Smiles – early periodontal disease comes after gingivitis or bad breath. What is this condition?

Gums suffer bone loss when constantly coming under attack by bacteria present in plaque. What happens to your teeth during this phase of gum disease?

Teeth suffering from early periodontal disease start showing signs of mobility. Additionally gums begin receding away from the tooth, making it look longer. This stage also exposes the root, which is the most sensitive part of the tooth!


Stage #3: Moderate Periodontal Disease

This is the stage when infection starts spreading around the roots of teeth, causing further gum recession and bone loss. 4-6 millimeter pockets appear, loosening the tooth.

Bone loss cannot be reversed and there is no pain associated meaning you won’t have any idea about this stage. Left untreated – moderate periodontal disease can easily reach advanced periodontitis and eventually tooth loss. You might need to schedule an emergency dental appointment.

Stage #4: Advanced Periodontitis

This is the last and most crucial stage of gum disease. It begins with teeth losing more support as the gums, bone, and periodontal ligament continue to be damaged.

Teeth become very loose, to the point of falling out if left untreated. Moderate or severe bone loss (also widely spread) is also a possibility.

Is there any way to turn back and prevent gum disease from taking root? The best way to treat this horrible disease is by practicing good oral hygiene! Additional dental treatments and procedures might also be needed if gum disease has advanced to final stages.

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